Leadership Team

Angela Peterman, MD
President & Co-Founder

Richard G. Pfau, MD

Cheryl Lonergan, MD
Medical Director

Ed Ponatoski
Executive Chairman & Senior Director of the Board

Scott Mahosky
Chief Executive Officer

Henry Neely
Chief Financial Officer

Jason Mokros
Chief Information Officer & VP of Operations

Sharon McNamara
Chief Compliance Officer

Susan Pieper
VP of Business Development & Integration

Jeannie Sheehan
Director of Recruitment

Felicia Francis
Director of Operations

Michael Gambuto
Scheduling Center Director

Victorya Stegmaier
Director of Human Resources

Christina Liles
Director of Revenue Cycle Management

Christina Brunelle
Director of Integration

Marcie Bartlett
Director of Marketing

photocomingLonni Fredrickson
Regional Director of Operations

photocomingSheila Keppler
Regional Director of Operations

photocomingLori Knoche
Regional Director of Operations

photocomingMelanie McGuire
Regional Director of Operations

photocomingJess Tomko
Area Directors of Operations

Joseph Bellard
Facilities Manager

Faith Deavers
Credentialing Manager

Michele Muir
Admin Marketing & Clinical Cosmetic Coordinator