Meet the Nurse Practitioners: Suzanne Cerrone, CRNP

In “Meet the Nurse Practitioners,” we sit down with our CRNP’s to gain insight into the high-level of care they provide to patients daily across Anne Arundel Dermatology practices.

In today’s segment we breakdown CoolSculpting with Suzanne Cerrone, CRNP.


CoolSculpting Start-to-Finish

AAD: What’s your approach and process with CoolSculpting? What is your level of involvment with the treatments?

Suzanne: Every patient that expresses interest in CoolSculpting receives a detailed assessment during their consultation with me. I personally evaluate the patient and we determine their priority and what their expectations are. Next, based on this information, I recommend a customized treatment plan to achieve the best outcome. I work through every detail of the treatment plan from beginning to end.

Personal Experience

AAD: Have you had CoolSculpting yourself? What did you think?

Suzanne: I have had several areas treated. Although I strive to live a healthy lifestyle, there were still areas on my body that I just could not improve with a healthy diet and exercise. I loved being able to target specific locations.  I am happy with with my results and anxious to treat more areas.

AAD: Tell me about the patient experience during a treatment. Is there any prep? How long does it take? And does the coldness hurt?

Suzanne: We recommend patients wear comfortable, loose fit clothing the day of treatment. My staff and I want our patients to be as comfortable as possible, so we provide robes and blankets for them. Our CS suite is also equipped with a television, so patients can watch Netflix and relax. There is truly no prep needed since this is completely noninvasive. Treatments are customized and can be anywhere from 35 minutes to several hours depending on the plan of care. I find the first five minutes to be slightly uncomfortable due to the cold sensation. After several minutes most, patients report not feeling the treatment at all and many even take a nap.

Advantage of CoolSculpting

AAD: CoolSculpting is often compared with more invasive fat-reduction procedures like liposuction. What are some of the advantages of CoolSculpting?

Suzanne: Since this is entirely noninvasive there is no risk of infection or complications related to anesthesia. Patients have virtually no down time and can resume regular activities immediately after CoolSculpting. Unlike liposuction which requires time off work to rest and heal. Most people these days are very busy with work and family responsibilities, they simple don’t have time to recover from a surgical procedure. CoolSculpting is the perfect solution for  someone who wants to lose stubborn areas of fat with no down time or risk of dangerous side effects.

AAD: How long do results typically take to become visible? Do some cases require multiple treatments?

Suzanne: The patient will see results in 4-12 weeks, however, it truly varies from patient to patient. That said, everyone will see their final result within 12 weeks. If someone has a larger volume area, I will recommend the number of treatments I feel will satisfy their expectations. After a single treatment patient will see undeniable improvement.

Suzanne sees patients in the Eldersburg, Mt. Airy and Westminster locations, and is particularly interested in general and cosmetic dermatology in adults. She is now offering the following Cosmetic Services:

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