Acne 101: Teen Acne Treatments Don’t Work on Adult Skin–Here’s What Does

Sep 01 2021

Acne is generally associated with teenagers, but this skin concern doesn’t necessarily disappear once you reach adulthood. There is something known as adult acne that many adults contend with. If you have it, you’re not alone. It hits about 1 …

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Back to Business Botox®

Aug 21 2021

Summer is ending, and it is time to resume a normal work routine. With COVID-19 vaccination rates rising, businesses and schools are returning to regular schedules. As you’re getting more face time with family, friends, and colleagues, it is time …

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Soothe Your Psoriasis: Psoriasis Awareness Month Means Taking Steps to Treat It

Aug 03 2021

August is Psoriasis Awareness Month. During this month, it’s the right time to let others know about this condition, what it causes, and how to get help for it. Effective strategies for improving the appearance of psoriasis are available, though …

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3 Essentials for Your Natural Summer Glow

Jul 16 2021

Are you ready to embrace your natural skin this summer? The sun’s UV rays damage the skin, so it’s vital to protect the body’s largest organ before heading outside. Although sun-kissed skin gives the appearance that many desire, people often …

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UV Awareness: Protect Your Skin from Head to Toe

Jul 01 2021

Ultraviolet (UV) radiation comes from the sun and created sources such as welding torches and tanning beds. The term radiation refers to sending out energy from any type of source. Types of UV Radiation Scientists classify UV rays based on …

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The Best Summer Glow from HydraFacial

Jun 06 2021

There is a good chance that you have heard of HydraFacials, but perhaps you are not quite sure what is involved. It is a good idea to understand what happens during a HydraFacial before your first appointment so that you …

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Maximize Your Sun Protection

Jun 03 2021

Now that summer is here, millions of Americans will be spending more time in the sun than they have in months. Unfortunately, enjoying the sunshine without taking steps to protect your skin can result in painful sunburns, premature skin aging, …

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Spring Clean Your Skincare Routine

May 13 2021

Now is the perfect time for spring cleaning. As you’re clearing those dust bunnies and going through piles of clutter throughout your home, don’t neglect your bathroom counter, makeup drawer, or vanity—wherever you store your skincare products and makeup. It’s …

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Current COVID-19 Response

May 10 2021

Our country continues to face the ongoing threat from the coronavirus (COVID-19). As always, our #1 goal is patient care and, in an effort, to ensure patient safety and the well-being of our staff, we are asking that you proactively …

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May Is Skin Cancer Awareness Month: Do You Know Your Risks?

May 03 2021

Many people love spending time out in the sun, enjoying nature, and embracing life to the fullest. Yet, some are putting themselves at risk if they don’t know the dangers of skin cancer. Skin cancer, one of the most common …

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