Moles treated in Annapolis, Glen Burnie, MDMoles are common. Almost every adult has a few moles. Adults who have light skin often have more moles. They may have 10 to 40 moles on their skin. This is normal.

You should not be overly worried about your moles. But you should know:

  • A type of skin cancer, melanoma, can grow in or near a mole.
  • Caught early and treated, melanoma can be cured.
  • The first sign of melanoma is often a change to a mole — or a new mole on your skin.
  • Checking your skin once a month — or more often if your doctor says — can help you find melanoma early.
  • If a mole starts to grow, itch, or bleed, an appointment for analysis is recommended.

Moles on a young child’s skin are generally nothing to worry about. It is normal for new moles to appear during childhood and adolescence. Moles will grow as the child grows. Some moles will darken, and others will lighten. These changes are expected in children and seldom a sign of melanoma — a type of skin cancer that can begin in a mole.

Most moles do not require treatment. Upon examination, moles will be removed if it is bothersome (rubs against clothing, etc.), it’s found to be unattractive, or could be skin cancer.