6 Scary Stats that Will Make You Wear Sunscreen this Winter

Since it’s so cold out, most of us don’t think about lathering on SPF during the winter months. However, this chilly season calls for moisturizing and lip protection. Most of all, it calls for sunscreen since more damage can be caused to your skin during winter than in the summer!

  1. Snow doubles your exposure to UV rays. Sun exposure is nearly doubled when there’s snow on the ground because the it reflects back 80-percent of UVA rays! Always lather on sunscreen before you head out to play in the snow.
  1. UV radiation exposure increases at higher elevations. Whether you are hiking or are skiing, you are at a greater exposure to harmful UV rays. For every 1,000 foot increase in elevation, UV exposure increases by nearly 4%!
  1. UVA rays can penetrate through glass. Even if you’re sitting inside, you are still at risk! While UVB rays are blocked by glass, about 50% of UVB rays can filter through your windows. Apply sunscreen in the morning to stay safe all day!
  1. The Earth is closest to the sun in the middle of the winter. We’re closest to the sun about 2 weeks after the winter solstice. That alone is an important reason to apply your sunscreen on a daily basis!
  1. The ozone is thinnest during winter. The ozone acts like the Earth’s sunscreen, filtering out UV rays. These levels are lowest in December through March, meaning we’re being exposed to more UV rays during these months.
  1. The sun’s rays can penetrate clouds. 80% of UVA rays (the ones the cause aging and skin cancer) can penetrate clouds. Just because it’s a cold, cloudy day doesn’t mean you’re avoiding the harmful rays of the sun.

When it comes to skin cancer prevention; out of sight, out of mind doesn’t apply. These statistics alone should help you realize that sunscreen is essential to your winter skin care routine to keep you safe.

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