Skin Care Tips For Every Age

Our skin evolves with age. Your skin care regimen should evolve as you age because your skin isn’t the same in your 60’s as it was in your 20’s.  Should you be worried about acne or wrinkles? What can you do at your age to benefit your skin later?

20’s & 30’s

Fighting acne is the main concern, especially in your 20’s. Water-based, oil-free wash is a safe staple to keep in your medicine cabinet. Keep your skin free of dirt and oil by removing makeup, washing your face and start a basic skin care regimen with a moisturizer and antioxidant every day. Wearing sunscreen every day will also help protect your skin from premature aging, even in the winter. This will help the signs of aging that begins to develop in your 30’s. Start using anti-aging lotion and vitamin A as soon as possible. Vitamin A helps smooth wrinkles and combats the signs of aging.

40’s & 50’s

The skin loses some of its texture and fullness in your 40’s. Wrinkles and age spots begin appearing as well. Products with peptides in them even out pigment and increase collagen growth. An estrogen drop in your 50’s may dry out your skin and decrease its elasticity. Combat this symptom of hormonal changes with glycolic acid, which helps increase skin cell production and turnover. Additionally, introduce a heavier treatment cream high in ceramides and natural cholesterol to replenish dry skin into the routine.


Expand your skin care regimen to include all skin aspects. Apply SPF every day to keep the sun from advancing sun aging. Use cleansers that won’t dry out your skin and products with hydroquinone to help eliminate dark spots on the face hands. Keep up with your regular routine and continue to wash your face and apply your products daily.


Need some extra advice on what to include in your skincare routine? Anne Arundel Dermatology has beauty experts who are trained to help find the right products for your skin type. Schedule an appointment with Anne Arundel Dermatology here or call 443-351-3376.

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