4 Cosmetic Treatments to Try This Fall

Fall is a great time to schedule cosmetic treatments — and not just to deal with any sun damage you may have accrued. The sun is less bright in autumn, making it easier on skin that’s a bit more sensitive after a beauty treatment. Read on to learn about the best cosmetic services you can give yourself this fall.


If your complexion challenges include fine lines, wrinkling, acne scars, or uneven skin pigmentation, microneedling might represent the perfect solution. Microneedling involves a handheld device, which our trained specialists use to produce painless, tiny punctures that penetrate the upper level of your skin via microfine needles.

Why is microneedling so effective in banishing or reducing skin imperfections? Your skin is programmed to produce more amounts of collagen when it detects a wound. Microneedling “fools” your skin into sending that collagen to repair the areas where the skin was minutely punctured.

For most people, just a few microneedling sessions produce lasting, visible results. You can expect a bit of temporary redness after each treatment, but the procedure itself is painless.

Laser Treatments

Like microneedling, laser skin resurfacing uses your own complexion’s natural reaction to protect itself from what it perceives as an “injury” to release collagen. Each session results in healthier new tissue; although it may take a few sessions to see the results you’re looking for,  

Your specialist may suggest the type of laser treatment that targets light and heat to the areas most in need of treatment, or milder treatments that go right to deeper tissue without removing the epidermis. The best type of treatment will depend on your skin tone and your level of sun damage, wrinkles, or scarring.  

Laser devices are also ideal for hair removal, whether the unwanted hair is on your face, arms, back, bikini area, legs, or other areas. The light from the lasers damages the hair bulb and follicle. It can take a few treatments if you have thicker or darker hair, but the laser removes the hair over time. And you’ll also reap some secondary benefits if ingrown hair tends to cause bumps and discoloration on your skin. 

Chemical Peels

A chemical peel, which removes the top layers of skin, is especially effective because it can be customized to suit the level or repair your skin needs. For example, fine lines, dryness, acne, and mild pigmentation respond well to light or medium chemical peels. For deep lines, precancerous growths, or scarring, a deep chemical peel is recommended.

Chemical peels work so well because they are resurfacing procedures. When the peel removes the top layers of the epidermis (and, if needed, middle skin layers), the replacement tissue grows back to give you smoother, more even-toned skin. 

One chemical peel may be all you need, but we may recommend a few sessions for more persistent problems. Deep chemical peels may require a bit more recovery time before the redness fades. 

Body Sculpting

Body sculpting treatments use specific methods to obliterate fat cells from problem areas like the stomach, buttocks, upper arms, thighs, and calves. Once the fat is destroyed, the body flushes them away, leaving behind more toned-looking skin.

We can help you decide which body sculpting method is suitable for you. CoolSculpting helps decrease fat by freezing the cells. EmSculpt employs high-intensity electromagnetic therapy not only to destroy fat cells but also to build muscle through intense muscle contractions caused by light pulses. 

Ready to Leap Into Fall Beauty?

Please keep in mind that even as you undo any sun damage through beauty treatments — and with the advantage of the less-bright sun of autumn — you still need to take precautions after a treatment. In addition, make sure to allow for recovery time and aftercare, rather than packing your schedule.

As always, our dedicated team is here to help you decide which procedure is best for you. Call today to schedule an appointment or consultation to discuss fall treatments. 

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