Screen Your Sunscreen for Memorial Day Weekend!

Memorial Day Weekend is right around the corner. It doesn’t matter if you’re heading to the beach or staying home, remember to wear sunscreen. Typically, when it comes to sunscreen, people rarely research what they are buying, and which product will best protect their skin. Luckily, the American Academy of Dermatology released tons of tips and information that will help you choose sun protection that will best guard your skin.

What to Buy

Sunscreen is typically sold in the forms of lotions, sticks, and sprays. You should look for something that is broad-spectrum, water-resistant and has an SPF of 30 or higher when choosing your sunscreen. You should apply sunscreen must be applied every two hours or after swimming and physical activity.

Lotion sunscreens are recommended more due to their full-coverage, however, sticks and sprays tend to be more convenient. When using a stick sunscreen, apply four layers for maximum protection.  Spray sunscreen should be applied generously; do not use a spray on a windy day to avoid inhaling the chemicals. Rubbing sunscreen in after application ensures that an even layer has been covered.

Types of Sunscreen

There are two different types of sunscreens available on the market: physical and chemical. Physical sunscreens work like a shield, as they sit on the surface of the skin to deflect the sun’s rays. This type of sunscreen should be used by people with sensitive skin. Physical sunscreens will include ingredients like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide.

Chemical sunscreens allow for easier application. These products don’t leave the white residue that is frequent in physical sunscreens. Instead of reflecting the sun’s rays, chemical sunscreens absorb them. Ingredients like avobenzone, octisalate, and homosalate are common in these products.

Ingredients to Avoid

It’s very important to look at the ingredients in sunscreen to see if it is suitable for your personal skin type. One in five Americans will develop skin cancer at some point, the FDA is encouraging everyone to take the proper steps to protect themselves from the sun’s UV rays.

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