Spot Checks with Catalina Lehrer, PA

Fun in the Sun!

Now that summer is on the horizon and the weather is getting warmer, we’re all craving a little fun-in-the-sun. Summer vacation is coming up, and many of us have some sort of outdoor plan for the summer. Unfortunately, fun in the sun can turn into a health hazard if you’re not careful!

Protect Your Skin – Don’t Let the Sun Ruin Your Fun

Skin cancer spot checksSkin cancer is highly treatable and the first step is detecting it. Contact our office if you notice any new or changing lesions. Skin cancer can present present with a site that is itching, bleeding, or will not heal. Skin cancer is extremely common and the most important step is early detection.

Tips to Avoid Skin Cancer While Enjoying the Outdoors:

  1. Always wear an SPF 30 (at least) Sunscreen
  2. Always talk to your doctor if you have questions for suspect something on your skin

Spot Checks with Catalina Lehrer, PA

Catalina Lehrer, MMS, PA-CCatalina Lehrer, PA has trained with Dr. Kelly McGuigan over the past year. She has availability for new patient appointments as well as same day appointments for spot checks of concerning sites.

Please contact our office at 410-280-0962 today to schedule an appointment!



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