Spring Skin Care Hacks

Spring is finally here! Spring cleaning is in full effect, so why not bring that same enthusiasm to your spring skin care routine? Here are a few ways to revamp your skin and your skin care habits this spring:

  1. Bump up the SPF. Warmer weather means spending more time outside in the sun, so it’s important to lather up! Reduce your chances of getting skin cancer by applying sunscreen every day.
  2. Skip the heavy stuff. Harsh winter cold is a thing of the past. Choose lighter products to use on your face in as the weather warms up. Swap a heavy moisturizer and foundation for a lighter bb cream, and your skin will thank you!
  3. Avoid allergies that can cause skin irritation and puffy eyes by using over the counter allergy medication. To reduce the other unpleasant side effects of seasonal allergies, use cooling masks to keep swelling down and eye drops to soothe itchy eyes.
  4. Clear out any expired products in your bathroom. You never want to use an expired product on your skin by accident. Be mindful about what is in your medicine cabinet. Now is also a good time to give or throw away any products you don’t use. Treat yourself to a fresh start!
  5. Steer clear of tanning beds. These machines can cause irreversible damage to your skin. According to The Skin Cancer Foundation, artificial tanning can increase the risk of skin cancer by 75%. No, thanks!
  6. Don’t use bug spray unless totally necessary. Bug repellent is packed with chemicals that can dry out and irritate your skin. If you are in a situation where bug spray is required, try to avoid breathing it in or using it on your face.
  7. Drink water! Hydration is key to keeping your skin supple and looking its best all year round. In warm weather, you may need to drink more water than normal to keep yourself hydrated.

If the change in weather has affected your skin negatively, we always recommend to see a clinician. To schedule an appointment, please click here!

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