The Ins and Outs of RevitaLash and RevitaBrow

Learn about RevitaLash and RevitaBrow treatments

What is RevitaLash? 

RevitaLash is an eyelash stimulating conditioner that is applied alongside the lashline to help grow longer, thicker, and stronger lashes. It is ophthalmologist tested and proven to be safe and effective. It is also hypoallergenic, non-irritating, dermatologist-approved, and clinically tested. Up to 98% of users see results (improved lash appearance, healthier-looking lashes, and stronger lashes) as soon as three weeks after treatment.

How does RevitaLash work?

The concentrated formula and curl effect helps naturally lift and curl the eyelashes. The scientifically-advanced technology and natural botanicals join to protect against damage and brittleness, improve flexibility, moisture, and shine for more dramatic-looking eyelashes.

How do you use RevitaLash?

Before applying RevitaLash, make sure your skin is free of makeup and other substances that would interfere with its absorption. It is not advised that you put RevitaLash on your bottom lashes. Daily use provides immediate conditioning benefits, leading to healthier-looking and more luxurious lashes.

What is RevitaBrow?

RevitaBrow is an eyebrow conditioning serum used to strengthen brow hairs to give a thicker and fuller appearance. It is hypoallergenic, non-irritating, dermatologist-approved, and clinically tested.

How does RevitaBrow work?

The concentrated formula is a blend of scientifically-advanced technology and natural botanicals. Both join to protect against breakage and brittleness. This improves flexibility, moisture, and shine for bold, beautiful brows. The unique applicator allows for easy, fast, precise application. RevitaBrow may also be used on gentleman to improve the appearance of sideburns, beards, and goatees.

How do you use RevitaBrow?

Before applying RevitaBrow, make sure you wash your hands. Apply once per day to clean, dry eyebrows. Apply a few short strokes on each brow. Only a small quantity is needed.

Where can you buy it?

RevitaLash is available at cosmetic stores as well as dermatology offices.

What is the recovery time? 

There is no recovery time to RevitaLash, however, the only recommendation post application is to wait at least 5 minutes before applying facial products and makeup.

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