Protect your Baby’s Skin this Winter

Winter is here! Learn more about caring for your baby’s skin and how to best protect them from the winter elements.

Skin Dryness

As new parents, every obstacle that comes in the way of a newborn seems like an impossible hurdle. In the winter, dry air and low moisture leaves skin chapped and flaky. It is important to know how to protect newborns from the harsh winter weather. To avoid overall dryness, bathe 2-4 times a week with lukewarm water and use a mild baby cleanser, following with a gentle baby moisturizer. Once the newborn is 6 months old, start to incorporate sunscreen with SPF 30, zinc oxide and titanium dioxide into the daily routine. Using sunscreen before 6 months is not recommended due to the sensitivity of infant skin.

Chapped Lips

Protect against chapped lips and cheeks this winter with Aquaphor or petrolatum jelly. Babies’ lips and cheeks are always wet due to drooling, running noses and lip licking and the moisture naturally breaks down, leaving the top layer of skin vulnerable. Apply the ointment as needed. Along with chapped lips and cheeks, be on the lookout for cradle cap, which are patches of dry skin that look like dandruff or yellow, crusty patches. While cradle cap is harmless and goes away on its own, some rub baby oil on the scalp to help loosen the flakes before shampooing.

Skin Protection

Bundle up your baby in layers. Layers work best because baby’s can still get a heat rash even though it’s cold out. Dress your baby is breathable layers and remove them as needed. If you do notice heat rash (itchy, red bumps), apply 1% hydrocortisone preparation to help with the itch, but the rash should go away on its own after a few days. In addition to bundling up with layers, dress your baby in mittens and a hat to avoid frostnip, a mild form of frostbite. Stroller covers are available and help block out strong winds.

Here at Anne Arundel Dermatology, we offer skin care products and complimentary skin care consultations to best fit your specific needs. To schedule a consultation or discuss skin care products, click here or call us at 443.351.3376.

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