Top Reasons To Protect Yourself from Counterfeit Beauty Products

It’s hard to resist a good deal when buying beauty products. While the price may be enticing and the ease of delivery is taunting, how do you know what you’re purchasing is authentic? Counterfeit beauty products are more common than ever and continue to be sold online. Check out our tips below on how to protect yourself from counterfeit beauty products online.

  • Look Closely

Pay attention to packaging. Counterfeit beauty products do a scary-good job at mimicking your favorite skincare serum. Look for any irregulates in the font, coloring of the packaging or placement of stickers. In addition, look at expiration dates on the packing. All cosmeceutical companies are required by law to have the shelf life of the product on the packaging.

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  • Do your research

Most of the time if a deal seems too good to be true, it is. Skin care companies work with authorized retailers and have this list available on their website. Double check their list of approved vendors before purchasing beauty products. Stray away from online marketplaces where you can’t be sure who the vendor is and if they got the product directly from the retailer. Often, counterfeit products contain harmful ingredients which can lead to life-long skin damage.

  • Purchase from your dermatologist

To best protect yourself, purchase your skin care products directly from your dermatology office. Your provider will go over your skin care routine with you and make sure what you are using is working to best protect your skin.

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