Breast Cancer Awareness: Finding Hope After Treatment

The American Cancer Society states that 1 in 8 women in the U.S. – or about 13 percent – will develop invasive breast cancer at some time in their life. In 2021, an estimated 280,000 women will be diagnosed in the U.S. Approximately 1 in 833 men are also at risk. Breast cancer awareness is critical. That’s due in part to the importance of early detection and treatment.

In dermatology, we work with many patients who have undergone intensive treatment for breast cancer, often offering them a bit of support through treatment for skin concerns or by providing after-treatment help. That’s why we’re taking steps today to educate about breast cancer and treatment options for it.

How Dermatology Relates to Breast Cancer

Breast cancer patients can find support and guidance in their dermatology team. Quite often, we can work with patients who are experiencing skin-related effects from chemotherapy or radiation. This may include damaged and inflamed skin. Some people develop rashes, while others experience painful lesions. Working with a dermatology professional may provide an opportunity to find relief from this type of discomfort. It may also help with minimizing the long-term impact on the skin from such treatments.

For many people, especially those who have fought a long, painful battle with breast cancer, the left scars are painful in themselves. Dermatology professionals may be able to offer solutions to this, too. That may include providing scar reduction methods that can help to reduce the appearance of surgical scarring.

There are various types of scar reduction methods available that may be helpful to breast cancer survivors. That includes:

  • Microneedling: This minimally invasive procedure may help improve elastin and collagen production in impacted areas, helping to hide scars and create younger, healthier-looking skin.
  • Laser Procedures: These non-invasive procedures can help minimize the presence of scar tissue that develops near or on incisions. This method can also help to encourage discoloration of the skin to lessen.
  • Medical-grade Scar Creams: Scar creams may help skin damage to fade more effectively, helping even deep scars to fade over time.

Get to Know RevitaLash Cosmetics

RevitaLash Cosmetics has a long history of helping people to battle the effects of cancer. The company has been a supporter of breast cancer awareness for many years. For individuals who lose their lashes or other hair as a result of chemotherapy treatments, having access to products that help improve regrowth and support breast cancer research and awareness can help instill confidence.

We offer RevitaLash products. While they are not just meant for those with cancer, every purchase helps contribute to this very important and vital cause. We are currently offering a special for RevitaLash products, with proceeds from the sale going towards breast cancer research and education.

Get Involved and Do Your Part

We encourage people to set up a routine examination and follow their doctor’s instructions for annual breast cancer screenings and mammograms. It is also wise to set up some time to discuss skin cancer with your dermatologist as well. Consider scheduling both a skin and breast cancer screening at the same time each year, helping you to avoid missing these appointments.

Take a few minutes now to set up an appointment with our team to discuss your specific skin needs. This month, we are offering reduced pricing on scar reduction treatments for patients and survivors of breast cancer for our AAD Goes Pink promotion. This month take 25% off all Revitalash products at our online store. Learn more about what we are doing to help encourage breast cancer awareness by giving back.

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