Meet the Injector – Sarah Lowe, RN

Sarah Lowe, RN has over seven (7) years nursing experience and has had a focus on Aesthetics and Cosmetics since 2015. Sarah has had extensive training on non-surgical procedures, such as injections and dermal fillers.

  • What should I expect from my injector?injecting is comparable to practicing a fine art. you want your injector to fully understand what you are looking for in your outcome from treatment since everyone’s goals are different. you really want your injector to thoroughly explain what to expect during and after your treatment.
  • What is your favorite area to inject?My favorite areas to inject are crow’s feet for neurotoxin because it helps to open up the area creating a refreshed and more youthful look… & lips with filler because it really boosts patient’s confidence while giving anywhere from a subtle to dramatic appearance.
  • What’s the most common area you treat?The most popular treatments are cheek and lip filler.

Sarah Lowe, RN is currently accepting new cosmetic patients in two of our Annapolis locations. For more information or to book an appointment, call 443.351.3376.

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