The Best Clothing for Winter Skin

The material in your clothing has a direct impact on your skin – especially in the winter.

The best clothing for winter skin is made from soft fabrics that won’t irritate or cause skin to become dry and itchy.

Avoid Wool

Clothing made from wool is a popular choice during the winter months because of its thickness and warmth. However, it’s also notoriously itchy and can dry out and irritate skin.

If you do wear wool, incorporate a thin cotton underlayer to protect your skin from irritation.

Wear Gloves

Gloves are an essential part of a winter wardrobe to help keep skin healthy. Wear gloves anytime you go outdoors or perform tasks that will get your hands wet.

Cold temperatures, cold water and wind exposure can lead to dry skin. Gloves can protect your hands from becoming dry, red, cracked and raw.

Wear Breathable Layers

The environment we’re in or the tasks we are performing will cause our body temperature to change. Wear breathable layers of cotton clothing to prevent skin from becoming too hot or too cold. Add or remove layers as needed to keep body temperature even and prevent skin from becoming irritated.

Start with a thin cotton underlayer that will help wick away any moisture from perspiration and prevent chaffing, then add more thin layers over the underlayer. Several thin layers of clothing are better than a couple of thick layers.

Fleece Socks

Soft, synthetic fleece will keep feet warm without irritating the skin. Socks can be layered if needed. Start with thin cotton socks and layer a pair of fleece or wool over them.


An overcoat of some type is essential during winter to keep skin from being exposed to frigid air. The material of an overcoat matters less, since it won’t be in direct contact with skin.

Top It Off

Top off your winter clothing choices with a hat and scarf to prevent your body from losing heat from exposed skin. A scarf wrapped around the neck and hat that covers the ears will keep these skin areas from becoming red and chapped, plus your body will stay warmer.

Scarf and hat sets are stylish and can make an attractive winter fashion statement while preventing dry, winter skin.

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